Vizzini Stocks Quality Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks In Sydney

Stainless steel sinks are one of the most popular kitchen sinks in Sydney. More and more homeowners are installing stainless steel kitchen sinks in Sydney because they are durable and easy to clean. Stainless steel, being a shiny metal, goes well with all types of countertops and thus, adds grace and modernity to a kitchen. They do not require any special care and even withstand rough treatment. Their low cost also makes them one of the most preferred choices when it comes to renovating the kitchen. There are numerous benefits of installing stainless steel kitchen sinks.

The stainless steel kitchen sinks are available in various sizes, styles, and shapes. Some of the kitchen sinks which are highly preferred are single bowl kitchen sinks, double bowl kitchen sinks, and drop in/under counter sinks. One can select the style which suits their kitchen design as well as their needs. Another most important benefit of installing stainless steel kitchen sink is that it is easy to clean and manage. Good quality steel sinks do not chip or crack. They can be easily cleaned with a scrub or a wiper. One can use a rubber mat at the bottom of the sink to avoid any scratches, which may harm the beauty of the sink. Investing in stainless steel sinks is worth, as they are not damaged easily and are highly durable. One can use the sinks for years to come.

The stainless steel kitchen sinks blend in well with all types of kitchen settings and color schemes. They coordinate well with different styled countertops and cabinets. The biggest advantage is that these sinks are available for any budget. The price of the sink depends on style, features, thickness, and type of sink. They are, indeed, a practical addition to any kitchen.

Vizzini stocks a variety of stainless steel kitchen sinks in Sydney. They use premium grade 18/10 stainless steel that is above the industry standards. Their sinks cover all ranges of sizes and measurements ensuring a perfect fit. The Vizzini sinks come with or without tap hole, and have basket waste, drainer, clips and seals all included. All Vizzini sinks are backed by a 10-year warranty. To know more about the kitchen sinks and sink accessories stocked by the company, browse through .

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Vizzini Stocks Designer Wall Mirrors In Sydney
One important accessory, which no one can imagine to miss in a bathroom, is wall mirror. The wall mirrors have evolved drastically in Sydney, and are a great tool to accessorize a bathroom. They are no more a mere utility item. A perfect wall mirror enhances the overall appeal of the bathroom, and makes it look classy and modern. They facilitate every task in the bathroom and make life easy.

There is a trend of using designer wall mirrors in bathrooms in Sydney. There are a variety of wall mirrors available in different sizes, styles, designs, and forms. The designer wall mirrors are more of fashion accessory that make a bathroom look bright and big. The mirrors reflect light during the day, and give an enlarged look to the bathroom. Thus, installing big wall mirrors on the walls of a small bathroom makes it look large and spacious. Carefully selected designer bathroom mirrors reflect the personality of the homeowner and create a style statement. The bathroom mirror is the first thing that a person notices on entering a bathroom and therefore, it should be selected cautiously.

The frameless mirrors are highly in trend, as they easily blend with all types of decorations and suit almost all backgrounds. The frameless mirrors are easy to clean, as there are no corners where dust can accumulate. The frameless mirrors are less expensive and can be easily installed.

Vizzini stocks a variety of designer wall mirrors in Sydney. Their mirrors vary in thickness and add a unique touch to the bathroom. Vizzini’s large, small, wide, and thin wall mirrors reflect space and style, and are available in pencil edge and bevel edge. The frameless mirrors can be easily installed on any wall or above the vanity to make the daily works easy and manageable. Vizzini stocks a variety of bathroom ware and kitchenware, which reflect quality and comply with the Australian Standards Association. All the Vizzini products, being environment-friendly, promote sustainable living. To know more about the products including pencil edge and bevel edge mirrors, browse through

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Vizzini Stocks Stylish And Functional Rectangular Shower Enclosure

Shower enclosures are a necessity these days and no one can plan a bathroom without these essential additions. The shower enclosures or screens offer the best solutions to make the bathroom clean, uncluttered and dry. The shower screens not only avoid splattering of water all around, but also make the bathroom look spacious and well managed. Vizzini stocks a variety of shower screens that make the bathroom aesthetically appealing as well as free from clutter. The screens contain the water within the frame and keep the rest of the bathroom and the bathroom accessories clean. This also avoids accidents that can occur due to moving on slippery and wet floors.

Vizzini stocks shower screens in various sizes and shapes such as square shower enclosure, rectangular shower enclosure, single panel shower screen, diamond shower enclosure, and sliding shower screen. These frameless shower screens create a timeless look and make the bathroom look large and spacious. All the glass used in the shower screens is manufactured to Australian Standards and is minimum 10mm thick. Therefore, rectangular shower enclosure and all other shower screens by Vizzini are highly durable.

These shower screens by Vizzini not only make it easy to manage a bathroom, but also increase the value of the property. Most of the homebuyers in Australia prefer bathrooms with shower screens these days. The Vizzini frameless shower screens are easy to clean as they lack any metal edges or frames and therefore, there are no chances of any accumulation of dust, dirt, soap scum, mold, and germs. These enclosures keep the bathroom clean and dry and thus, make it convenient for the other members of the family to use it.

Vizzini shower enclosures have chrome hinges and brackets and are highly durable. All the Vizzini Bathware, including semi-frameless and frameless shower screens, comply with Australian standards and are available in varied dimensions. The rectangular shower enclosure is available with chrome finished bar handle and doorknob. At Vizzini, all the products are environmentally friendly and help in saving water, energy, and money. Thus, the Vizzini products promote sustainable living. The company stocks products that are made from the best quality material and are durable. Vizzini has products for all bathroom and kitchenware renovation requirements and almost all the products come with warranties and quality assurance. To know more about the company and their products just visit

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Vizzini Square Shower Screens Make Bathrooms Clutter-Free

People often overlook bathrooms and do not pay much attention to the bathroom accessories, however, like all other rooms, bathroom is an integral part of the house and add to the value of the home. This is the part of the house that is used much and need to be renovated after some time. There are many ways by which a homeowner can give a new look to the worn out bathroom. These days, there is trend of square shower screens, which are the perfect accessories and make a bathroom look classy and modern.

There are many benefits of installing shower screens in the bathroom. The first and the foremost advantage of having a shower screen in the bathroom is that it makes it look bigger than actually it is. The shower screens are available in varied dimensions and in a wide variety of shapes and styles. One of the most popular screens is square shower screens, which are the best for a small and medium sized bathroom and make a bathroom look elegant and stylish. These shower screens prevent water from splashing around while taking a shower, and this further helps in keeping the surroundings such as vanity, toilet suite, etc., dry and clean. This does not cause any inconvenience to a person who wants to use the bathroom immediately after someone has had a shower.

Along with making the bathroom clutter free, the square shower screens help in keeping the bathroom damp free and free from germs. The frameless shower screens are easy to clean and often require minimum effort to keep them clean. Moreover, these screens are easy to install and does not involve high installation charges.

Vizzini stocks high quality shower screens which quickly transform a traditional bathroom into a modern and luxurious retreat. All the shower screens available with Vizzini are made of minimum 10mm toughened glass and adhere to the quality standards set by the Australian Government. The company stocks latest and trendy bathroom ware and kitchenware that come with considerable warranty. The Vizzini products rate high on WELS and promote sustainable living. All the products stocked by the company are durable and made from high quality material. To know more about Vizzini products browse through

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Make Your Bathroom a Style Statement with Vizzini’s Wall Mirrors in Sydney

The bathroom mirror is an important accessory which makes the bathroom complete and attractive. You cannot imagine a bathroom without wall mirrors or anywhere else in the world. There are various types of mirrors available in the market which differs in design, style, size and form.

You must consider certain things before buying mirror for your bathroom, such as size, color, design; type of mirror and of course your budget. Wall mirrors are the most popular type of bathroom mirrors, as these look stylish and are designed to enhance the looks of the bathroom. Wall mirror is the first noticeable thing in the bathroom and is no longer a mere utility item. It has evolved to be a fashion accessory and it makes your bathroom look big and bright. People especially use large and full size mirrors to make their bathroom look larger that it’s actual size. The right wall mirror can make your bathroom look classy and chic; therefore you must choose the wall mirror carefully.

The wall mirror should be safe for you and your family and should be available with anti-shatter features. This will make sure that even if the mirror breaks accidentally, it is not harmful for you and your kids. Considering the design of the mirror, it should perfectly blend with the other bathroom accessories especially the walls and the vanity unit. Wall mirrors are available with frames and without frames and even you can buy designer wall mirrors. The mirror should be appropriate for daily functions such as applying cosmetics, shaving and dressing. A mirror which does not fulfill its basic function is of no use.

Consider the cost, the mirror which you buy for your bathroom walls should be affordable. It is better to browse the Internet, as online stores offer great deals and quality products. Vizzini stocks exclusive, elegant and beautiful wall mirrors. The mirrors are available in varied sizes and thicknesses and add unique touch to your bathroom. The Vizzini wall mirrors include Bevel edge and Pencil edge mirrors at quite affordable prices. Vizzini’s products are environment friendly and highly durable, and the products comply with Australian Standards Association. For more information visit

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Vizzini Freestanding Baths Add Style And Comfort To Your Bathroom

If you are looking for an ultimate bath tub then freestanding baths are the best for you. These baths are exclusive pieces and can be placed anywhere in your bathroom to provide ultimate luxury and comfort. It is possible to change the position of the freestanding baths whenever you want and wherever you want. The freestanding baths are the latest bathroom accessories which are come in pure black and white shades. These Vizzini freestanding baths are sheer luxury to possess and offer elegance and comfort.

The freestanding baths are remarkable, as they offer style without the need of mounting them into the wall. These are extremely elegant pieces that enhance the overall décor of the bathroom and offer the feeling of royalty. The baths are quite practical and can be used from any side. These are easy to clean, maintain and highly functional, as these can be moved around and even can be moved to the back yard for a bath under the sun. The Vizzini freestanding baths are made of sanitary grade acrylic and rigid pure white stone resin composite and come with 15-25 years warranty. These baths are designed to provide comfort and luxury, the baths have a sloping angle to provide you rest if you do not want to fully immerse yourself in the water.

The Vizzini freestanding baths  are the perfect center pieces for any bathroom that come in various shapes such as oval, rectangular, square, egg shape, half egg shape, etc. and have smooth, gentle and rounded edges. The baths do not have visible seams and have extended head rest on certain models to provide support to the head while you enjoy long luxurious soaks. You can place these freestanding baths anywhere, only you have to consider that there should be tubing and pipes close to the fixture.

Nothing can beat the comfort and relaxation offered by these baths. You can soak and rejuvenate yourself after a long tiring day and get a royal feeling. For more information visit

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Vizzini’s Square Shower Enclosures To Transform Any Bathroom Into A Luxury Retreat

Vizzini is a well-established wholesaler of premium quality bathroom and kitchen supplies such as free standing baths, spa baths, standard baths, basins, mirrors, toilet suites, square shower enclosures and more. Based in Australia, Vizzini is known among the few companies that are dedicated to achieving total customers satisfaction by providing topnotch products. All Vizzini products are available with warranties that become effective from the original date of purchasing. Moreover, Vizzini is committed to sustainability and supports products that are environmentally friendly and may help one save water, energy and money.

Vizzini square shower enclosures are modern in appearance and can be a stylish alternative to traditional shower curtains. They come in an array of stunning designs, such as frameless, semi-frameless and slider door. Each of these designs is further available in several sizes to ensure that one can find an ideal shower enclosure to suit his/her bathroom. The frameless square slider shower screens are made of 10mm toughened glass and come with chrome hinges and brackets. As these shower screens do not have any frame around the main perimeter, they are extremely easy to clean and require little or no maintenance at all.

The semi-frameless designs of Vizzini’s square shower enclosures are made of 6mm toughened glass and come with chrome frame only. The semi-frameless slider shower screens are ultimate space savers, featuring smooth, trouble-free, and easy to clean slider doors. Made to comply with the Australian standards, these shower screens deliver great value in terms of functionality and quality. Not only square shower enclosures, Vizzini also carries a comprehensive range of rectangle shower screens, diamond shower screens and slider shower screens, along with shower bases that are durable as well as long lasting and offer ease of installation.

Vizzini’s over-bath shower screens eliminate the need for curtain maintenance and impart a unique touch to the bathroom. These screens are available in single panel bath, 2 piece over bath fold shower, and pivoting over bath shower screen designs. For more information about Vizzini’s high quality products, please visit

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Vizzini Shower Screens Are Uncompromising In Quality And Design

Vizzini has an impressive range of superior quality shower screens, including square shower screens, single panel shower screens, slider shower screens, diamond shower screens and rectangle shower screens. Featuring the 10mm thick glass which is manufactured to Australian standards, Vizzini shower screens can help create a timeless look. They do away with the need for shower curtain maintenance and add a unique, modern touch to the bathroom. Moreover, these screens are available in various designs such as single panel bath screen, pivoting over bath shower screen, Momento 2 piece over bath folding shower screen and more.

Vizzini’s frameless shower screens have a stylish look and can contribute to the aesthetic appeal of a bathroom, regardless of its size and design. The key benefit of these bathroom accessories is that they allow the attention to be drawn to other features, such as spa bath, free standing bath tub, mirrors and basin. Apart from adding value to home, frameless shower screens also offer other benefits. Since they do not have any metal edges or frames, they are very easy to clean. There are no nooks or corners for the mould to grow or soap scum to accumulate. One can clean the glass panel easily with squeegee.

Moreover, Vizzini shower screens come in a wide variety of designs and sizes, making them more popular among homeowners. Classic, sophisticated and sleek, these shower screens create the illusion of bigger bathroom. They scream of style and class and provide an easy way to enhance the interior of a bathroom. As these screen use minimal components to set up, they are extremely easy to maintain. In addition to frameless screens, Vizzini also carries semi-frameless designs with framing around the main perimeter. The frame only goes around outside edges, the bottom, top and sides that meet the wall. The front of screen has clean lines, with no framing to obstruct the view.

Sliding shower screens from Vizzini come with chrome hinges and brackets and do not require cleaning. In addition to shower screens, Vizzini also has a selection of spa baths, sinks, mirrors, standard baths, free standing baths, toilets and bidets, and basins. For more information, please visit

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Vizzini Spa Bath For A Relaxed Bathing Experience

Vizzini has built solid reputation for their topnotch bathroom products such as spa baths, standard baths, overbath shower screens, mirrors, basins, sinks, toilets and more. Vizzini spa baths are manufactured to comply with the quality standards set forth by Australian Standards Association and come in an array of shapes and designs such as circle, triangle, rectangular and square. Gaetano is a quality spa bath that features a stylish square design, making it suitable for any bathroom, regardless of interior decor. The high gloss white Lucite acrylic spa bath comes with a hot pump and adhesive tiling bead. It is available in three sizes options to suit different needs, including 1500 x 800 x 480mm, 1650 x 800 x 480mm, and 1800 x 800 x 480mm.

Each Vizzini spa bath comes with 15 year warranty on bath shell and seven year warranty on pumps. As a reputable wholesaler of bathroom products, Vizzini is conscious of their environmental impact and focuses on providing more sustainable solutions around the office or home. The company is committed to promoting sustainable living and takes pride in supporting individuals and companies in reduction of the Greenhouse gases. Vizzini offers products that are environmentally friendly and helps to save money, water and energy without compromising quality.

In addition to the Vizzini spa bath, they also have a wonderful range of standard baths including Carlita which is a versatile acrylic bath designed for smaller bathrooms where space is an issue. With the dimensions 1380 x 700 x 430mm, this beautiful standard bath features slightly contoured walls and narrow rims, providing the users with more internal bathing area. Vizzini’s cast iron bath has a minimalist elegant design and allows one to experience modern comfort in style. Made from heavy duty cast iron, this bath tub has white enamel coating. Cast iron is a good conductor of heat and will remain warm when one gets into the bath tub. Catania is a superior quality high gloss acrylic bath that comes with a centre waste and adhesive tiling beat. With a beautiful square design, this bath tub can be installed in any bathroom.

For more information, please visit

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Vizzini Has A Wide Range Of Durable Kitchen Sinks In Sydney

A sink is a basic element of the kitchen and would seem incomplete without it. Kitchen sinks are essential as these are assigned to the prime purpose of cleaning the utensils. These sinks vary on the basis of sizes, styles, designs and materials that are used in manufacturing. There is a wide variety of sinks available in the market but stainless steel kitchen sinks are an ideal option that are widely used by the people of Sydney as these sinks blend well with all types of interior décor whether traditional or modern kitchen. The installation of stainless sinks is simple and easy and these sinks do not require much maintenance. Some other important attributes of a stainless steel kitchen sink is that it is resistant to corrosion, durable and affordable.

It is a fact that a major portion of the time is spent in the kitchen while doing the dishes, cooking food, cleaning and more. It is vital to have an aesthetically pleasing and functional kitchen and having a good quality sink that is an integral part of the kitchen. While selecting a sink, you need to consider the space available so that you can choose a suitable sized sink that complements the allocated space. Apart from this, you also need to consider the faucet height, location of the sprayer and the design of the faucet.

Kitchen sinks can be installed by following different methods. Top mount installation can be easily achieved with minimum effort as an additional support system is not required. Under mount installation of the kitchen sink is the latest method which has become quite popular nowadays as it allows easy and quick cleaning of the counter top. In addition to this, this type of an installation also gives a pleasant appearance as the edges are hidden. The only challenge for under mount installation is that it requires a solid supporting system.

Kitchenware wholesalers are the most appropriate source of kitchen sinks in Sydney. They sell all the kitchenware at low prices because they buy in bulk. If you want to get hold of a reliable wholesaler, you can scan through the local directory, browse the internet, take recommendations from friends or family. For more information, please visit

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